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Men’s hats: The Fedora and other classic styles

The fundamental rule of chic informs that if no one is doing it, then it must be a good thing to do! So wear a Fedora. Firstly for practicality, to protect yourself from the elements, be it rain or sun. Secondly, for the chic factor mentioned above.

In the following series of exchanges, with bespoke hat maker Fernand Sebbah of Paris, we will learn how to choose, style, fit, and wear one of the most misunderstood elements of dress. In Part one of the series we will take a look at fundamental hat models.

I admit to being a hat wearer most of my life, for better or for worse. And what seemed like a good way to keep warm and dry grew into a passion for sculpted felt. Clearly, you won’t remain inconspicuous wearing a hat, but if you have the right stuff inside and the presence, you can remain dry in style.

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Published: 23 November 2009 - Written by Alden Michael in section: Bespoke
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Bespoke suits: Informal fabrics for weekends

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Bespoke clothing: A Neapolitan trouser maker

In Naples, independent trouser makers, working often in the hidden corners of the Spanish quarter, work to fulfill orders for bespoke tailors’ customers. These pantalonaio are generally considered “outworkers” and few have their own customers but simply complete the orders of others.

A decade or so ago, I went on a search through the Spanish quarter to find the atelier of one, Antonio Ambrosi. I went to find a craftsman, but wound up finding a family working together to make beautiful custom clothing, trousers for the best tailors in Naples. At the time, they had no direct customers and that seemed a shame given the quality of the work, so I suggested they develop their own client base.

A few posts on the London Lounge did the trick and the word spread quickly on the net. Today, the Ambrosi family is making bespoke trousers for men throughout the United States via trunk shows in New York but, as we shall hear in the following video, young Salvatore Ambrosi is planning a trip to London and San Francisco in 2010.

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Published: 22 November 2009 - Written by Alden Michael in section: Exchanges
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