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Young men, make your style extraordinary

Extraordinary men and women are extraordinary in everything they do. The lives of the ordinary are likewise and in every way common. It has nothing to do with wealth, fame, success, looks, race, birth, class, education etc. It has everything to do with being extraordinary or not.

Before another extraordinary person can be intrigued by you, curious about you, desirous of you and covetous of you, she has to be able to see and recognize you. If you dress exactly like all the ordinaries, she will pass you by in a sweeping gaze that never fixes, that passes over the horizon of the ordinary, a never ending, flat Nebraska field. Dress is an extraordinary device. If you have the courage and style to stand out from the crowd, she will notice it. Then, if you have a twinkle in your eye and the wit to incite laughter, you will pass as many deliriously extraordinary moments as you are able to imagine.


We all have the choice in life to be extraordinary or accept the fate of the ordinary.

Choose to be extraordinary!

Published: 24 June 2011 - Written by Alden Michael in section: Uncategorized

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  1. Justin says:

    Michael, I love the website. Is there a chance you’ll be in London during September or October? I’d love to meet you and chat about style, clothes, bespoke, etc.



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