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Dressing well in summertime

Summer dressing is a challenge but elegant solutions are readily available. Irish linen, or an open weave worsted, like the Brisa fabric, are to be preferred above all others. An unlined light gray or tan suit in either of these fabrics can be worn in almost all situations and the coat can be paired with khakis or jeans when the suit is not required.

In summer the trouser takes center stage. Often overlooked is the ideal trouser for summer heat, it should be cut full favoring comfort and maximum circulation of cooling air.

Linen trousers worn with side tabs or worn with a belt are staple items when combined with linen shirts. Canvas shoes or spectators work well in combination with these basics. Routinely commission a few pair of linen trousers every year for the summer season until your wardrobe includes a dozen or so pair.

If you can succeed in appearing at ease and elegant in the heat of summer, the other seasons of the year are a snap!

Published: 22 June 2011 - Written by Alden Michael in section: Uncategorized