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A Tweed of Noble Birth


A few years ago I stumbled on a scrap of vintage cheviot tweed stuffed into a corner in the back room of a famous London cloth merchant, W. Bill. It seemed orphaned, lost. There was barely enough cloth to make a coat but the brown and blue grays in the glen check appealed to me so I took it home. Recently I had it made into a coat.

When you choose fabrics or clothes, trust your instincts. Let your imagination come to the fore.

There is something special about this tweed. It has a very “old world” aura, it whispers soothing, kind words. The lowly orphaned tweed turned out to be something of a prince after all thanks to the work of a great tailor.


Published: 21 January 2011 - Written by Alden Michael in section: Uncategorized

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